Plant-Based Diet: A Beginner’s Guide

100% Natural Pea Protein

Consistently voted as the best tasting plant based protein.
Nuzest Clean Lean Protein won the Institute for Functional Medicine Delegate Award 2015.


Are you on board with a plant-based diet yet, or are you sitting on the fence? Perhaps you’re already meat-free but not yet ready to give up on animal products?

The great thing is – it doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan, vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian or a pescatarian. Switching to a plant-based diet is scientifically proven to be the best way to go for everyone! Plant-based diets dramatically improve your blood lipid profile, consequently  reducing your risk of heart attacks by 40% and strokes by 29%. It can also be instrumental in tackling the obesity and type 2 diabetes crisis.

There are a wealth of motives driving people towards eating less or no meat. Choosing to consume an ever-larger proportion of plants, furthermore, means people can be broadly divided into three areas:

  1. Animal-related motives:

    Many have concerns over animal welfare, especially in industrial farming systems. Animals in these systems may be severely stressed and some question the ethics over how and which animals are selected and killed.

  2. Human health-related motives:

    Many people are aware of the health and wellbeing benefits of plant-based diets, especially when combined with active lifestyles. Some are also concerned about animal feeds, particularly those that are genetically modified. The over-use of veterinary medicines forms residues which sometimes remain present in animal foods.

  3. Environment-related motives:

    Over-consumption of animals by humans contributes to climate change, environmental degradation and is widely viewed as not sustainable ecologically.


You’ve heard about the animal welfare, human health and environmental reasons, although, there’s a lot more to it.

In October 2015, the World Health Organization classified red meat and processed meats as proven human carcinogens. Some of the reason for this is linked to how meats are cooked and what additives are found in processed meats. Excessive heat from frying, grilling, roasting and especially barbequing may cause the formation of carcinogenic compounds. These include heterocyclic amines and polyaromatic hydrocarbons. There may also be risks from environmental contaminants. These include: toxic trace elements, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polychlorinated diphenyl ethers, polychlorinated naphthalenes and perfluoroalkyl substances. Processed meats containing nitrite preservatives can produce highly carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds.

Protein intake

Plant-based proteins vary greatly in quality and profile of the constituent amino acids, however, they hold huge potential for delivering a major component of the human daily protein requirement. This is agreed by international authorities to represent around 0.75 grams of protein per kilogram body weight (around 50 grams per 70 kg adult). Particular individuals, such as very active people or those with protein malabsorption issues, may require considerably larger amounts. Protein intakes of 1.4-2.0 g protein/kg body weight/day (g/kg/d) is considered ideal for maintaining or building muscle mass for active individuals or athletes.


The following table compares protein in vegetables vs meat as well as the best plant protein sources.

*Yellow (golden) peas (Pisum sativum) is the species and type of pea used by Nuzest for its plant-based Clean Lean Protein products.

Food Amount Energy (kcal) Protein (grams)
Chicken (skinless), grilled 100g



Egg, large 1 egg



Ham 100g



Lamb, roasted 100g



Pork , roasted 100g



Steak (porterhouse), fried 100g



Turkey, roasted 100g



Food Amount Energy (kcal) Protein (grams)
Lobster 100g



Salmon 100g



Scallops 100g



Shrimp 100g



Tuna 100g



Food Amount Energy (kcal) Protein (grams)
Cottage Cheese (1% fat) 100g



Greek yogurt 100g



Milk, Skimmed 1 cup



Mozzarella (semi-skimmed) 1 cup



Regular yogurt (non-fat) 1 cup



Soy milk 1 cup



String Cheese (non-fat) 1 cup



Food Amount Energy (kcal) Protein (grams)
Yellow peas (dried) 1 cup



Yellow peas (dried) 100 g



Adzuki Beans 1 cup



Almonds 100g



Black Beans 1 cup



Black-eyed Peas 1 cup



Cashews 100g



Chia Seeds 100g



Chickpeas 1 cup



Edamame 1 cup



Fava (Broad) Beans 1 cup



Flax Seeds 100g



Kamut 1 cup



Lentils 1 cup



Lima (Butter) Beans 1 cup



Peanut Butter 1 tbsp



Peanuts 100g



Peas, Green 1 cup



Pinto Beans 1 cup



Pistachios 100g



Pumpkin Seeds 100g



Quinoa 1 cup



Red Kidney Beans 1 cup



Soy Nuts 100g



Spinach, cooked 1 cup



Sunflower seeds 100g



Walnuts 100g



Wheat Berries 1 cup



Pea protein is leading the whey

Apart from the cows, land and feed required to make whey and other dairy proteins, the environment gets degraded by intensive dairy production.  Cattle in these systems are generally fed on cereals and soya that require land, water and fertilizers to be produced.  Cattle feed also commonly includes genetically modified maize and soya, most of which is imported great distances, from countries such as Canada, USA and South America.

Peas are an incredibly rich source of protein, with dry yellow (golden) peas of the species Pisum sativum, as used by Nuzest, containing about the same amount of protein as a steak. But of course, the amount of protein in a food is not the only thing that’s important, given you can eat more to get more protein into your body. What’s really important is the quality of the protein. This is where Nuzest scores so high. The profile of the amino acids that make it up is perfect for the body, delivering – unlike many plant proteins – an almost perfect amino acid profile.


Data sources:

a Hercules, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
b Kalman DS. Foods 2014, 3, 394-402.
c Lewis JC, et al. Biol Chem. 1950; 186(1): 23-35. [Lewis JC, et al. Biol Chem. 1950; 186(1): 23-35.]
d Cosucra, Belgium. 

The ‘gold standard’

The ‘gold standard’ for the amino acid profile of proteins has long been egg white and whey. Both are from animals, thus both are allergens. They are required to be labelled on every product containing them in the vast majority of countries around the world. This is due to these animal-based protein products creating allergic or inflammatory reactions, as a result, their presence becomes obvious by their bloating effect after being consumed.

How is Nuzest different?

Nuzest’s pea protein isolate is different from most others. Our products are high quality, 98% digestible, exclusively water extracted and made in Belgium from sustainably grown European peas (Pisum sativum) called Pisane®. Pisane is particularly rich in Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), thus greatly aiding recovery after exercise and delaying the perception of fatigue. It also contains more than 15 times more iron than whey protein isolate and nearly 4 times more arginine. This is the key to aiding dilation of arteries via its role in inducing nitric oxide production. This then, consequently, improves blood flow and circulation for the body.

The proof:

A French study published in 2015 showed that pea protein outperformed whey when measuring the effects of resistance training on biceps muscle thickness in a group of 161 male athletes after a 12-week period.

Plant-based Protein Powder & Clean Lean Protein

Why Nuzest Clean Lean Protein? It’s an award-winning plant-based and vegan protein. It includes a patented, water-extracted, European pea protein isolate, furthermore, this extraction means no chemical solvents are used. The low-temperature, water-based processing retains the raw power of our European pea protein source. This method, as a result, means the complete and perfectly balanced amino acid profile remains intact.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein contains all-natural ingredients, therefore, there are no synthetic additives and virtually no carbs. It is simply the best tasting and most effective hypoallergenic protein isolate for building and maintaining muscle and vitality. What’s more, our sports ambassadors have consistently found that our plant-based, vegan protein powder outperforms whey, casein, egg and other veg proteins.

plant based diet - icons


100% Natural

Made with no sugars, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives, because why would you want anything else.

Free From

Gluten, Dairy, Soy, GMO, Lectin, Egg, Peanut, Sesame and Mustard.

Suitable for Every Diet

Ideal if you are following a Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher or Halal diet.

Support for the Whole Family

From the promotion of growth and development in children to the support of athletic recovery. Clean Lean Protein can be used by everyone because our products are diverse.

Great for

Natural weight management, promoting restful sleep, and finally, building and maintaining lean muscle.

  • Around 21g of protein per serve (flavour dependent)
  • No more than 93kcal per serve (flavour dependent)
  • Less than 0.1g sugars per serve
  • Less than 0.5g fat per serve
  • Very low carb
  • 4g of glutamic acid (glutamine) and 4g of BCAAs per serving including 2g of Leucine

Don’t bloat!

If you’ve tried a plant or animal-based protein that has made you feel bloated, try Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein. Our European Pea protein is easily digested, hence no bloating.


Are you ‘plant-based’, or have you recently made the switch to make plant foods the basis of your diet?  Perhaps were you an early adopter of plant-based eating, or was it part of your life, long before anyone talked about today’s so-called ‘plant-based revolution’?

It is, of course, wrong to think of it as a revolution. Our bodies are designed to eat primarily plants, contrary to the notion that our Palaeolithic ancestors spent most of their time hunting large game and gorging on huge quantities of meat. This is entirely wrong. Our evolutionary heritage suggests plants have always been the basis of our diets, consequently, it’s only since the industrialisation of our food supply that things have changed in more affluent countries. Processed foods, meats and fats have all become mainstays for a huge number of people.

Research has now confirmed that people living off plant-based diets are not only those who have the least disease. They also live the longest. Five Blue Zones [] have been identified in different parts of the world. These are a montane region of Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece) and the Seventh-day Adventists community in Loma Linda, California. All communities have a very high proportion of centenarians as well as very low rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.  It becomes apparent that the diseases of the 20th and 21st century are now the main burden of modern societies.

Why we are plant-based diet supporters:

To say Nuzest is a supporter of the plant-based movement is an understatement. We’re true believers! All of our products are plant-based. Our flagship foundational nutritional product Good Green Stuff is the only product of its kind anywhere in the world, as a result, containing 21 different plant foods. This is also the same number of plant extract ingredients. Plant foods aren’t just about providing energy for the body; more noteworthy, their most important function is information.

We also believe we have the best plant-based protein available anywhere. As well as our Good Green Stuff, in addition, our protein comes in the form of our Clean Lean Protein. For extra plant power, consider our new Functional Flavoured Clean Lean Protein! Whether it’s turmeric, Japanese matcha green tea, Peruvian maca, or coconut MCTs – we’ve got it all!

Our Mantras:

We have two mantras at Nuzest, as a result, these are embedded deep into the DNA of our ambassadors and many of our customers:



The right information is essential. This is required for your genes, receptors, cells, tissues and finally, organs, to allow your body to adapt and adjust with the changing environment. This is the same for varying stresses we encounter in our everyday lives. To accomplish this, all the available evidence points to an essential, varied and balanced plant-based diet, hence with the right balance of healthy fats and undamaged protein.

Nuzest makes it easier for you to achieve this – consistently – day in day out, as a result, enabling a plant-based diet. This enforces the biggest difference to your health, therefore, impacting on resilience and wellness.

Find out more about Good Green Stuff.

Why are we lectin free

When it comes to nutritional products, it’s important they can benefit as many people as possible, as a result, without any risk of harmful effects. One of the reasons we use a unique pea protein is that it is hypoallergenic, consequently, resulting in the removal of particular proteins called lectins. These can be found in significant quantities in leguminous vegetables. They occur naturally to help growing plants combat herbivorous insects.

For these reasons they can be very dangerous, hence this can be the case with undercooked kidney beans. lectins are not always present, although, they occur in a wide range of plant foods at lower levels. This can interfere with the uptake of certain nutrients, therefore, they are often referred to as anti-nutrients. Not only do they interfere with our absorption of other nutrients, they can also irritate the gut lining or, most noteworthy, contribute to ‘leaky gut’. This is a surprisingly common problem.

No Lectins in Nuzest!

Lectins do occur naturally in the European peas we use as our source, however, here is the key:

  1. Our water-extraction process used to create our pea protein isolate is so effective at separating the protein from other components, as a result, it makes up around 75% of the weight of the pea.
  2. The result is we have absolutely no lectins in our finished product!
  3. As part of the quality control process, lectins are routinely tested for, consequently, we can guarantee our products are entirely lectin free.

Complete Nutrition For The Plant-Based Diet

  • The world’s highest source of plant protein – and it’s Paleo friendly too!

    All Natural, 100% Vegetable & Allergen Free

    The world’s highest source of plant protein – and it’s Paleo friendly too!

    Clean Lean Protein is allergen-free and great for the whole family. No gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or eggs. No fillers, additives or preservatives. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Just clean, lean, European Golden Pea protein with delicious natural flavours.

  • 100% European grown and processed Golden Peas

    Premium European Quality

    100% European grown and processed Golden Peas

    Made from pure European Golden Peas, grown in Northern France, and processed and blended to the highest standards in Belgium. We employ strict growing conditions, rigorous testing regimes, and chemical-free processing to ensure that we supply the highest quality, safest product.

  • Contains all nine essential amino acids, plus many more

    A ‘Complete’ Protein for Energy, Recovery & Repair

    Contains all nine essential amino acids, plus many more

    Protein is essential for healthy energy levels, and for the recovery and repair of muscle and body tissue. Clean Lean Protein is particularly high in glutamine - essential for post-exercise recovery and the prevention of muscle loss as we age.

  • High in protein, yet very low in fat, sugar and carbs

    Healthy Weight Management

    High in protein, yet very low in fat, sugar and carbs

    Ideal for weight management, Clean Lean Protein is a healthier way to keep you feeling fuller for longer. With up to 90% protein content for sustainable energy, it’s higher than meat, fish, chicken or eggs and on par with whey - without all the sugar and additives.

  • Protein is vital for every-body, every day

    Look & Feel Your Very Best

    Protein is vital for every-body, every day

    Insufficient protein can lead to muscle wastage, lethargy, dry skin, poor digestion and irritability. Consuming more protein and less carbs triggers the production of dopamine without the insulin rush. This helps balance your blood sugar levels, leaving you less irritable and in a better mood.

  • Light on the stomach with a 98% digestibility rating

    Easy to Digest & Absorb

    Light on the stomach with a 98% digestibility rating

    Clean Lean Protein will get to work restoring your energy and mental clarity - without upsetting your stomach. None of the bloating and digestive upsets often associated with other types of protein supplement.

  • With a pH of 7.8, Clean Lean Protein is one of the few alkaline proteins available.

    The Alkaline Advantage

    With a pH of 7.8, Clean Lean Protein is one of the few alkaline proteins available.

    Supporting the pH balance in your body can help to cleanse your system, improve bone density and delay the build-up of lactic acid during exercise.

  • Quick and easy to blend, mix or bake in five delicious, natural flavours

    Mixes Smoothly & Tastes Great!

    Quick and easy to blend, mix or bake in five delicious, natural flavours

    Boost smoothies, muscle up muffins or simply shake and go. With a naturally mild, sweet taste, Clean Lean Protein’s light profile results in a smooth texture and makes mixing easy. Available in Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, Creamy Cappuccino and Just Natural.

We have nothing to hide, take a look at whats in our Plant-Based Protein.

How to Use Nuzest Protein Powder

Clean Lean Protein is best taken daily, with the number of servings appropriate for your diet and lifestyle.

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Clean Lean Protein

  • Powerful European Veggie Protein

    Up to 88% protein from premium European Golden Peas, with an amino acid profile on par with whey, and over four times the protein content of meat, fish or eggs with no denaturing or damage caused by heat or cooking.

  • Easy to Digest

    Very low in carbs, 98% digestibility, and no lactose or lectins. It’s easy on your gut and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

  • Complete Protein

    A ‘complete’ protein delivering 20+ grams of protein per serve, and containing all 9 essential amino acids needed for growth and repair.

  • Quick, Tasty, Convenient

    Scoop, shake and you’re ready to go. All of the goodness without any fuss. Choose from four great flavours or just natural.

  • Great for Every-Body

    100% natural, it ticks all the boxes - vegan, paleo-friendly, lectin and allergen free, with no sugars, dairy, lactose, gluten, soy, nuts, GMOs or polyols.