Legal Disclaimer

NUZEST (EU) LIMITED products are classified as a food supplement. A food supplement is defined as a good that’s purpose is to supplement a normal diet, therefore we do not recommend you replace real food with supplements. We also recommend you consult a trained physician before taking any food supplements.


NUZEST (EU) LIMITED mission is to make a positive and material difference to people’s lives. We achieve this with formulas that provide our customers with the most comprehensive and advanced nutritional products on the market. Every single ingredient, and form which we select, is backed by comprehensive research and a scientific rationale.


Our foundational nutrition range has been formulated independently by a group of highly accredited natural health experts and PhD scientists from around the globe, bringing together the best of nutritional science and natural medicine. Their choice of ingredients prioritises efficacy above all else.


We then rely on their consultation and the knowledge base of our approved contract manufacturers to bring the range to life. Our contract manufacturers play a key role in our success and are all highly regarded, Government-approved and certified as following Good Manufacturing Practice. They work closely with our in-house Quality Control Officer who monitors our global supply chain to ensure safety and compliance to best practice is achieved at all touch points. 


All of our products are analysed both internally and independently for gluten following every production run, with dairy and soy analysis performed every third run. Our Kids Good Stuff is also analysed for peanut following every production run to ensure we provide parents peace of mind that the finished product meets its ‘peanut free’ claim – every time.


We prioritise transparency when communicating with our consumers. Every enquiry is treated individually and responded to openly and honestly, with careful thought and consideration. Our consumers can be assured that what is on our labels is what is in the product. You won’t see the words ‘proprietary blend’ on our labels. If there are amounts of nutrients missing from our label it simply means we are restricted by space constraints. However, all of the ingredient quantities for each product are readily available to you on your local NUZEST (EU) LIMITED website.


Confidence in the quality of our products is evident in that fact that every one of our team members has incorporated NUZEST (EU) LIMITED into their daily routine. They do this because they know it is the best on the market, and that we would not put anything in the jar that we ourselves did not know to be healthful. We like to ensure each of our team has access to their daily nutritional support so they have the tools they need to thrive.


Knowledge about human nutrition is constantly evolving, as such our formulae are regularly reviewed and improved to reflect new and relevant research. This helps us to deliver not just a boost for today, but nutrition for life.


We hope this informs you as to our holistic approach in developing and maintaining trust with our consumers. We will continue to strive to do our best in every area of operations, so you can always enjoy the premium products you’ve come to love and thrive on.