The Benefits of Protein Bars
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The Benefits of Protein Bars

Protein is an essential nutrient that keeps our bodies functioning throughout the day. Practically all of the reactions in our bodies rely on protein, which means it is important that we consume enough each day. Read more about the importance of protein here.


Today's busy lifestyle leaves us little time to ensure we are meeting our daily protein requirements. Enter the protein bar. A quick simple solution that can help make a serious contribution to your daily nutrition. 


Here are some of the amazing benefits of protein bars.


Workout fuel


To get the most out of your workouts you need to be fuelling your body efficiently. Feeding it with the right nutrients is crucial for performance and recovery. A protein bar before exercise provides a steady supply of energy, and consuming one post-workout can help speed up recovery and maximise exercise adaptation. Our Clean Lean Protein bars are a great source of iron and contain all nine essential amino acids to support recovery and repair. 


Convenient snacking


Protein bars are the perfect snack when you are on the go and need something delicious and nutritious to keep you going. They are easy to pop in your lunch box for your midday fuel or keep in your pocket for a healthy treat. 


Curb your appetite


Protein signals the release of the appetite-suppressing hormone peptide YY, which helps you feel fuller for longer. If you are a little peckish and want something to tide you over until lunch or dinner, protein bars are the perfect way to satisfy your hunger.


Healthy solutions


Our Clean Lean Protein Bars are made using a base of fruits, nuts and seeds. For this reason, they contain high levels of healthy fats, which may promote heart health, reduce inflammation and control blood sugar. But remember, not all protein bars are the same. 


Clean Lean Protein Bars stand out from the rest. Each bar contains only the cleanest ingredients, no fillers, artificial flavours, refined sugars or polyols. 100% plant-based and nutritionally balanced. High in digestible protein and fibre, yet low in sugar and carbohydrates.


Available in three delicious flavours - Coconut & Lemon, Vanilla & Almond, Peanut Butter & Chocolate. Healthy indulgence in every bite.