Fuelling a Winning Performance - Harrison Rolls-King
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Fuelling a Winning Performance - Harrison Rolls-King

London Triathlon, one of the biggest mass participation triathlon events in the world. Conditions were tough with head winds and cross winds with a side of rainy downpours! Kicked things off in the morning sunshine at 7:15am with a 1500m in the Royal Victoria Docks. Swimming recently has been going really well in training working on efficiency and strength through the water. I felt this translated well in the race and open water. Posted the fastest swim time of the day in 20:26. Fastest times of the day didn't stop there taking both fastest transitions T1 and T2.


Out onto the bike, it was windy and I made the ballsy decision to ride 82mm deep rim wheels! One of my main goals was to execute an effective nutrition and hydration plan in preparation for the Challenge Championships in 3 weeks time. The out and back 3 lap course, taking in many key features of the London skyline, proved challenging at times with gusty cross winds. In the final few kms got caught by someone and wasn’t sure if they were a lap behind or on my lap but went with them to check on the approach to T2. He was on my lap! He entered T2 with a 15 second lead, I left T2 with a 15 second lead!


From 1km into the run we ran together and by together I mean, I sat behind and let him do the work. We ran at a good tempo pace but I could see he wasn't liking the loading bay ramp at the end of each lap. Legs were feeling good, brimming with confidence in my running of late. On the final lap I kicked away going into the ramp and kicked again off the top of it. I didn't look back. All in and go! It was great to be able to take the win of a competitive situation. I believed in my running and my fitness. This is by far the most confident I have raced in a while.


On race day, what happens before and during the race is just as important as what happens after. Having Nuzest in my bottle, ready to go at then end of a race, I know that I am getting all the essentials in to kick start that recovery process as soon as possible. In both training and racing my body is pushed to its limits, causing damage for my body to repair and come back stronger. One thing I really like about Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is that it can be mixed with either milks or water, making it super flexible to what is available and what my tummy is wanting. More often, after hard and hot sessions I will want it with waters as it is easier on the tummy.


Working a full time job on top of 20-25 hours of training a week, I am always on the go rushing around. Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is an essential part of my daily recovery to ensure that when I leave the pool at 8am, I am able to get my recovery in at my work desk by 8.30am. A life saver and game changer for my active performance lifestyle.


Author: Harrison Rolls-King