Fuel your Run the Right Way
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Fuel your Run the Right Way

Author: Katherine @nutri.goods 

In accordance with global running day and as I’m someone who loves to stay healthy and ensure I’m fuelling my body with the right nutrition for a run, here are some tips worth sharing! 

Ensure you have enough energy for your run

When you run at a moderate pace, your body primarily uses fat as a source of fuel, but if you start sprinting your body will use carbohydrates - make sure you are consuming enough fats and carbs to ensure you have enough energy for your run! It is also important to get an adequate balance of carbs, proteins and fats after a run too, as your body will be depleted in these nutrients after a long run.

Don’t forget about micronutrients and minerals though

After your run you will require a top up of magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, iron and zinc! These vitamins and minerals help prevent muscle cramps, injury and will ensure you recover nicely for your next run.

Protein Snacks

My protein oat bars have a great balance of carbs, protein and fat (with minerals and vitamins too). This is due to the oats, peanut butter, chia seeds and other ingredients, but especially due to Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein! I absolutely love this protein powder and as I’ve had great feedback from the oat bars, I’m sure you can agree with me too.