September Reset: Our Guide to Getting Back on Track
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September Reset: Our Guide to Getting Back on Track

Summer always seems to fly by quickly. Before we know it, September rolls around and it's time to dive back into work and say goodbye to the holidays!   


Whether it's implementing a new routine, establishing new habits or working on a more positive mindset, it's time to hit reset on various aspects of your life and make the most of the remaining months of the year. Here is our short guide to getting back on track after some well-deserved time off.


Rethink your exercise and nutrition


It’s easy to let exercise and nutrition slip over the summer, and that is more than ok! Who can say no to summer parties and tasty food? Now is the time to reset the clock and start implementing a healthy lifestyle. With less temptation and distraction, it’s easier to form good habits and switch your body back on.


Try not to dedicate your days locking in a tough exercise programme and a restrictive diet. Reintroduce a gentle exercise programme with variety. Do not feel pressured to hop back into your usual routine, this will only welcome unwanted injuries and quite possibly illness. Realism is key when it comes to a reset. Take time out to plan for healthy nutritious meals, this will avoid any last-minute bad decisions and support your increased activity level. Read more about our top tips for meal preparation and planning


A plethora of bad food choices can sometimes limit our intake of important nutrients that are pertinent for our health and wellness. We recommend our multi-nutrient superblend to help fill the gaps and provide the body with more than enough. Good Green Vitality is a feel-good food, with nutrients to support energy production, healthy digestion and your body’s natural detoxification pathways. Among the 75+ ingredients are ashwagandha, lecithin, resveratrol, bioflavonoids, ginseng, gotu kola and rhodiola - these nutrients may help fight stress and boost cognition, which will benefit your return to work and help to refocus your mind. 


Switch up your morning routine


Establishing a morning routine is essential, particularly if you're struggling to drag yourself out of bed and your body clock is out of sync. Not only is it good practice, it will set you up for the day ahead - as they say "start as you mean to go on". The changes do not have to be drastic, small steps will help guarantee consistency.


Perhaps a 30 minute walk or run to start your day? Working out in the morning can increase your oxygen intake and therefore nutrient transportation, which could provide an energy boost to carry you through the day. If you prefer to start the day slowly, yoga or pilates are another great option. 


A common practice in the morning is meditation or mindfulness. This can help refocus your mind before you head into a day of spreadsheets, emails and meetings. It is easy to get caught up in modern life, especially given the year we have had. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that centres around living in the moment; slowing down to really notice what is going on and what you are doing. September is great for reassessing where you currently are and taking a moment to reflect and to consider what you want to achieve in the next four months, particularly if you are still set on reaching certain goals and have a heavy workload leading up to Autumn/Winter.


Prioritise self-care


Prioritising yourself may seem selfish at first, although you may have had the summer off, self-care should never take a back seat. Acknowledge yourself and your hard work. Take time out to give yourself attention, time, and energy. Promote your wellbeing by doing things you love; have the freedom to indulge in a movie night or a couple of hours at the driving range. Spend some time determining what makes you most happy and go after it.


It is normal to feel a little run down after a hectic summer, particularly when you are thrown in at the deep end with unread emails and ongoing projects. The work-life balance is a struggle many still face, especially now there are blurred lines between the two, so be sure to allow time for much-needed rest and put aside time to unwind after the working day.