Good Green Stuff Tub – LGC Screened


The ultimate lifestyle supplement. Over 75 nutrient-rich ingredients, providing comprehensive nutritional support in one daily serve. No Gluten, lectins, dairy, soy or GMOs. LGC screened product is available in a 300g size tub only.


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Good Green Stuff is the ultimate lifestyle supplement, providing comprehensive nutritional support to help you look and feel your best. With over 75 ingredients, Good Green Stuff is a super-blend of nutrient-rich greens, fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries; strengthened with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes & much more – packaging all your daily nutritional needs into one great-tasting product. LGC screened product is available in a 300g size tub only.

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Whats in Good Green Stuff?

A super blend of essential nutrients. Greens, fruits, vegetables and berries; fortified with added vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and more