Many Professional Adventurers swear by Nuzest products

Nuzest: 100% natural, plant-based, body-ready nutritional supplements
to support peak health and performance

Ed Stafford

“I was directed towards Nuzest by a professor at Cambridge who said it was leagues ahead of the competition.
I agree – both Good Green Stuff and Clean Lean Protein ensure that I get the exact nutrition I need Both at home and travelling overseas.

The small portion-sized sachets are perfect for expeditions and they taste fantastic.”

 Adventurer, Survival Expert & TV Presenter

In 2010, Ed Stafford walked into the history books when he became the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River. His epic adventure took 2½ years.
Everyone thought it was impossible and his achievement, as explorer Sir Fiennes states, “Truly extraordinary”.

During the expedition, Ed filmed, blogged and used social media from the jungle to maintain a thorough journal and detail every experience as it happened.
On his return, Ed’s footage was made into an acclaimed documentary shown globally. Accolades followed including a Guinness World Record and the prestigious award of European Adventurer of the year.

Ed Stafford continues to take on new challenges, filming himself exploring tough environments for “Naked and Marooned”, “into the unknown” and “Marooned” – all highly successful multi-series with The Discovery Channel. Last year Ed used his jungle expertise to help climbing speed legend Joe Simpson follow his father’s footsteps during WWII. Thier story was shown in a BBC TV series in Burma’s Secret Jungle War.

As a serial adventurer and survival expert, Ed fully understands the importance of comprehensive and convenient nutritional support. He searched out the most effective nutritional support he could find. His research led him to choose Nuzest.

Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Stuff provide 100% natural, great tasting, plant-based nutrition to power and energise life’s adventures.


Powerful, nutrient-packed formulas for a stronger, brighter, more active you


Clean Lean Protein
The Premium Plant Protein

All natural, plant-based, real food. Complete with all 9 essential amino acids and more. Low carb. 8 flavours suitable for EVERYBODY – Vegan, Paleo, Primal, Kosher, Halal, Adults, Children, Athletes.

Since January 2017, Nuzest products have been outselling ALL other protein and greens brands in both Irish health and fitness stores and leading UK health food chains.

Many Professional Adventurers swear by Nuzest products to support their health, performance and recovery.



Nuzest Expedition Bundle

At Nuzest we believe in making good nutrition easy for everyone. We only use top quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients. Buy this bundle and Save 20%.

£173 £139


Bundle includes: ∙ 1kg Clean Lean Protein
∙ 600g Good Green Stuff ∙1 Nuzest Shaker*
∙1 Nuzest Kitbag*

*Shaker & Kitbag colours may vary depending upon availability


Good Green Stuff
Support for all 12 body systems in one daily serving

Good Green Stuff is based on cutting-edge science to create a World First from Nuzest – leading the health, wellness and recovery space.

Many Professional Adventurers swear by Nuzest products to support their health, performance and recovery.

All 77 ingredients work synergistically to provide comprehensive nutritional support for all 12 body systems. Uniquely, all the ingredients are in their natural, body-ready, most bioavailable forms.